Thy life, whose miracle with darkish tendrils crowned,
My heart did rend and separate from me, now rest.
In light thy face, its golden essence tressed
Did radiate a brighter light around.
Swathed in cotton soft, thy tiny body bound,
Thy tenderest motion gentle sleep did stay;
Thy tender breath, thy newness, freshness gay
Upon my heart were heard in silence gowned.
Thee lay behind a crystal shield.
Beribboned child, from courage fierce thou came
In dark abandonment. O tears! Unbind
My soul, release this babe, this gift I yield,
From shining drops of light you form her name
To spend her life with splendent colors twined.

Against this loss, a silent screaming stormed
And rages still, whose sound thy beauty pales not.
For she, the shadowed form, a mirrored child wrought,
Sees not her light from crystal garlands formed.
In time she walked her course by muteness then compelled;
In toneless cadence measured out her stride
In dark forbearance exercised, denied.
Yet ever fixed against the pane, she held.
Till thee, whose miracle in joyful song hath kissed
The heavens’ choral league! Their airy music beams
Forevermore, wind-lifted and melodious their cries!
Now sunlight streaks through rising mists
And scatters colors flickering in streams,
And then, through crystal baubles lights the skies!

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