Arriving at the shelter, I didn’t have much hope
It’s not like you can pick one at random
A companion to spend every day with
It’s not something to take lightly

I see others like me, searching for the right one
The one they’ll work hard to take care of
Protect from loud thunderstorms
Keep warm through the cold nights

But how do you know which one is right?
Some have white coats, some black
Some have blue eyes, some green or brown
Some are old, some still with their mothers
Then from around the corner, there she is
We both freeze when our eyes meet
I see pain and fear in her expression
I need to get to her now

There’s a glass door between us
I try to reach under, but it’s too tight
I slam on the door then try to jump over it
I think I’ve scared her more

The boy who feeds me opens the door
She drops to her knees and holds me in her arms
When we leave together I know
I’ve chosen my human well

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