Hiedi M. Bauer holds connections to the region that run deep. When she isn’t hiking its forests or climbing its mountains or swimming in alpine lakes, she is teaching composition, poetry, and literature to its residents.

Beth Bailey has been a resident of this region for 35 years. An art teacher and artist, she illustrates regional locations and events. She has become very interested in the history of the area which influences her creation of images to assure preservation of places and events. Her work is on display at the Broadway Gallery and found in exhibitions with the Columbian Artists Association. Ink, watercolor, and metal are the three mediums used to create her art.

Danielle Baxter grew up in Rose Valley, right on the Coweeman river. They now live in Kelso with their husband (an elementary school teacher) and two cats. Danielle cares deeply about education, feels strongly that the orangutan is the greatest of the great apes, and still doesn’t understand why so many folks don’t realize that kindness costs nothing.

Amanda Sirois Boyer is an Educator from Longview, WA. She is a full time mom, writer and forever student, spending most of her time learning and teaching others.

Carolyn Caines is a third-generation resident of the Longview/Kelso area. She is a retired teacher, mother of three, and grandmother of seven. She has been writing poetry for many years and has recently taken up acrylic painting and collage. “As long as I am blessed with another day, I’ll be working on another poem or painting. They are gifts from my Creator God.”

Mae Casey is a student at Lower Columbia College. Her hobbies include exploring our beautiful state (and beyond!), photography, ballet, watercolor painting and yoga. No matter where her travels take her, she will always love the Longview Public Library and feel at home there.

Sophia Cheslock grew up in this area and has been active throughout the region, which has given her an appreciation for its beauty and everything it has to offer. Her double exposure of a horse, Blue, and a mountainside showcases her love for art, animals, and the outdoors.

Ray Cooper is a member of the Fine Art faculty at Lower Columbia College and has lived in Kelso with his family for the past 20 years. His artwork represents meditations on a a stricter separation from the world and the silence of solitude as well as the work of Heraclitus, one of the wisest “pre-Socratic” philosophers.

Joy Lorraine Cowan is a former part time student of Lower Columbia College who moved away from Longview once COVID hit. She had mostly stuck to retaking drama classes because the instructor is the best teacher she ever had, and her class was so much fun, she just had to keep taking it really. She learned a lot about drama, acting, and a lot about life just generally while taking drama classes at LCC and will forever be grateful to that teacher because she believes she wouldn’t have many of the tools and skills she has today without their aid.

Tiffany Dickinson lives in Longview, where she has spent countless hours enjoying the ever changing beauty of Lake Sacajawea and considering how best to lasso her imagination into hopeful and twisty tales for readers of all ages. An award-winning short-story writer and poet, she is currently on the verge of publishing her first novel. In addition to writing stories for all ages, she serves two pugs and a black cat, who all believe they’re “the boss of her”.

Alex Emerson is a beloved member of the faculty at Lower Columbia College. “My life is entirely too huge to condense. Maybe, to simplify, I am a Girl Scout. Forever.”

Jennifer Engkraf is a native of Castle Rock. She returned 5 years ago to open a bookstore and coffee shop. Her family has been in the Lower Columbia area, primarily Castle Rock, since the 1940s and she is proud to raise her children here. When she’s had too much coffee and her mind and hands need an outlet, she turns to photography or collage art. Her mixed media pieces in this year’s magazine feature book pages, buttons, stickers, found items, vintage dictionary pages, and various scraps.

Alyssa Enriquez is an artist associated with the Forsberg Art Gallery. She is a photo-based artist and arts educator residing on Tanana Khwt’ana land–Fairbanks, Alaska. Alyssa completed her MFA in Photography at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and earned her BFA in Fine Art Photography from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. Her photographs titled Adawe Crossing and Queensway are parts in a series that explores the Rideau Canal and the history of Ottawa.

Remy Frey grew up in the Lower Columbia Region and has always been active in our community. She developed an interest in exploring the outdoors at a young age and appreciates our region for its natural beauty. Her passion for nature and animals is why she’s pursuing a career in wildlife biology. Her mixed medium drawing of a forest cat with pieces of the forest floor camouflaged throughout its body is meant to represent the importance to protect nature and how we have an effect on every living thing.

Joseph Green has lived in the same house in Longview for thirty-five years, and no, he’s not planning to move any time soon.

Trinity Harrison is a full time Running Start student. This is her second year at LCC getting her AA. Her piece titled Heiwa to Shijima is a digital drawing that includes a haiku about peace and light, and she made it in order to feel calm during a hard time.

Kylana Hegnes has lived in Longview/Kelso, Washington for the majority of her life and has dedicated it all to her artistic development. Once she graduates high school in 2022, she plans to attend LCC in order to transfer to an art college to prepare herself for an art-based career. Her work in this magazine showcase a range of mixed media, including colored pencil, ink, watercolor, and charcoal.

Lori Holliday has lived in Cowlitz county for 20+ years. She finds inspiration in nature, the weather, the seasons, wildlife, and the diverse landscapes to be discovered here in the Pacific Northwest. Her goal with her silk paintings is to open doors to imagination, wonder, and emotion. She uses dye on silk, mounted to a canvas frame, and with clear acrylic medium.

Marc Imlay is a retired chiropractor, acupuncturist, and meditation instructor. He’s led interpretive nature walks for the past 26 years at Soos Creek Park in Kent, WA. Marc has written poetry since high school, in spurts with decades in between. He recently self-published his first poetry book, Pilgrimages To A Bullfrog Buddha, on Amazon Kindle. His other creative interests include partner dancing (23 years) and playing bass guitar in a duet with his wife. Marc has lived on Coal Creek Road in Longview for the past 7 years.

Bri Johnson is a high school senior in the Running Start Program at LCC. She attends Mark Morris High School and has become very involved in many of the offered clubs and activities, including student government, debate, and FBLA. She began the Running Start Program in her junior year and is excited to be heading off to a four-year university next fall.

Morgan Jones is a Running Start student in her second year at LCC.

Abbie J. Leavens is a faculty member in the department of Languages and Literature.
She loves learning the truths of humanity as expressed through creativity. She has been known to eat SpaghettiOs™ straight from the can.

Julia Mitchell was born and raised in Kelso, Washington, and earned her Associate of Arts degree at Lower Columbia College in 2020. She was an editor for The Salal Review both years she studied there, and she loves the celebration of artistic talent and skill.

Marvin Pierson was born and raised in Longview and has operated a Portrait study since 1979. He started teaching photo classes in 2005 at LCC, where he continues today. He received a BA degree from Brooks Institute of Photography in 1979. His works published in this year’s magazine are composite images, which he creates in photoshop by combining multiple unrelated images to create a new image.

Rosemary Powelson’s work is autobiographical and taken from her diaries and photographs. She continues to explore both her external and internal space. “Neighbors” is a collage on panel, incorporating a photograph of the barn on her family farm in Iowa, and “Full Moon Clark Creek” is a pinhole photograph of the full moon when she lived without streetlights.

Robert Michael Pyle dwells along a tributary of the Lower Columbia River in an 1899 Swedish farmstead. He holds a Ph.D. in ecology from Yale University and a Guggenheim Fellowship. His twenty-four books include three collections of poetry (Evolution of the Genus Iris, Chinook & Chanterelle, and The Tidewater Reach); numerous nonfiction titles, a novel (Magdalena Mountain), and a flight of butterfly books. Founder of the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, Pyle is an Honorary Fellow of both the Royal and American Entomological Societies. He plumbs his neighborhood daily for both scientific and poetical insights.

Hannah Rose, a.k.a. The Crooked Crow, is an illustrator inspired by nature, fairy tales, and the human condition. She has always loved creating a sense of atmosphere and emotion using intriguing images and words that make the viewer linger. Always up for a challenge, she enjoys collaborating on engaging projects no matter the application. She graduated from LCC in 2016 and went on to become a graduate of the Bachelor of Arts program at Western Washington University. Her work has been featured in magazines internationally. In her spare time, she loves to play video games and take hikes with her hound dog, Willow. She currently works out of a cozy studio nestled in the woods of Castle Rock, Washington.

Florence Sage is an Astoria poet. She currently writes a monthly poetry column for Hipfish Monthly, and reads at Ric’s Poetry Mic and occasionally Wordfest NW and other mics. She has two books of poetry: Nevertheless: Poems from the Gray Area, 2014, and The Man Who Whistled, The Woman Who Wished, 2021. She is completing a third collection, What to Do with Night, expected out in 2022.

Kortney Sizemore-Gallagher is a 26 year old mom of four, who graduated from Lower Columbia College with her Associates of Arts summer quarter. She is passionate about raising awareness for mental illness and PPD.

Spring is a native Kelsonian whose paintings in watercolor, acrylic, and oil pay homage to the Pacific Northwest. To sum up their loose, impressionistic style- “I just have rain in my eyes.” Spring’s work can be found on hundreds of walls across the country, on the usual social platforms, and at SpringJames.com.

Deena Ochoa Stevenson has lived in the Pacific Northwest for most of her life and is in her first year as a student at Lower Columbia College.

Mei-Lien Tanner is a current senior at Kelso High School. Her art empathizes the various characteristics and aspects of an introverted mind. Through her artwork, she is able to capture the chaos and complexity of the human experience. Much of her work is inspired by folklore and personal defining experiences. As a young Native American woman, art has long been an outlet for emotion and connection to her ancestry.

Mel Woods was enrolled in Chris Tower’s Creative Writing class at Park University in Parkville, Missouri. Up until then, she had never had a space to receive feedback on her work, and Chris gave his students all the perfect setting to explore their talents. When he reached out to Mel about the ability to submit her work, she knew she should take the chance.